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All of the wood that is used over the course of production is acquired through generous contribution from our partnerships with local business. We only use pallets marked HT (Heat Treated.) We never use chemically treated pallets. The Lumber is 100% recycled. 100% Green.

After acquisition, we reduce the supply of used pallets to a fully workable stock to take into the design department. Some common measures taken consist of deconstruction of pallets, removing unnecessary debris, restructuring wood, and a comprehensive treatment with the stain finish of your choice.

With a working supply of wood, we can start to design various models of our choosing, or we can hone in on a specific requested style with full customization. Every board is intentionally placed for its specific aesthetic contribution to the final perception of the piece.

After construction every piece is hand sanded to be smoothed out, but retain its rustic qualities. The final process ensures the durability of your one of a kind piece. We polyurethane all indoors pieces and apply a 6-year sealant on outdoor ones.

Choose From: Colonial Maple, Cherry, Gunstock, Red Chestnut, English Chestnut, Red Mahogany, Natural, Golden Pecan, Golden Oak, Early American, Special Walnut, Provincial

(In order from left to right top to bottom in pictures below)

Choose From: Semi-Transparent or Solid Stain

(Semi-Transparent is recommended to retain the unique wood grain integrity of your piece)

Then simply choose your color of choice by selceting the row and column of your choice.            (Ex. A5, C3, F2, or J1)