Are there places I can come and see your products?

Yes.  You can see our products at the following stores or arrange for a private showing at our warehouse location.  We also frequent flea markets and farmers in Montgomery, Bucks, Chester, Delaware and Lancaster County.

How can I place an Order?

There are a number of ways to do so. Our numbers are listed on the ABOUT page, and on the CONTACT page. Feel free to call or text. You can also leave us a message on the CONTACT page. Or email at palletjacksfurniture@gmail.com

What can I choose from as far as paint and stain go?

We have a basic list of colors, and tones on THE PROCESS page. Yes we can do both color and stain.

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We began similarily to many small companies,  in a residential garage. With the immense support from the Gallagher Family, what seemed a dream became a goal, which became a reality.  Now we focus on custom orders while still making furniture and accessories specifically designed for common taste and interests. Pallet Jacks Furniture is now a growing enterprise, and you can be a part of the experience. Join our support Team or purchase your very own PJF original.


Owner  267.222.2442


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Our Mission

Our Mission is to serve our customers with products that provide both high level of performance and exceptional aesthetic appeal. Pallet Jacks Furniture products are an outstanding example of applying innovation to achieve excellence. We deliver the distinctive characteristics of reclaimed wood with the performance of freshly milled lumber. Reclaimed lumber is much more stable than new lumber due to the years of expansion and contraction cycles endured during its' first service life as pallet wood. Customers can enjoy reasonable pricing with rustic appeal. It is an unmatched value.

Our Staff


What We Believe
                                                                       "The Beauty Lies In The Struggle"


We live in a world where technology is directly linked to convenience. These conviences are evolving faster than you can blink your eyes. Often "convenience" is just marketing code for "you can fit more things into your schedule".  As if we are not busy enough already. What Pallet Jacks Furniture has discovered is that through a heavy focus on busyness, social networking, and technology a vast dissconnect has been created between people and their own feelings.  Busyness often distracts us from simply knowing who we are, what we stand for, and what that means in the big picture.  As technology evolves, what is in fashion has digressed. Vintage is stylish, and distressed is trendy.  Whether it be clothing, cars, movies, or furniture, there is just something about things that are from the past that make us strangely connect to the people around us, those before us, and even oneself.  When something is used, beaten and battered, we use words like character, or personality to describe it.  Oddly enough both are things that seem to be vanishing from this techno-hungry-world.  If the beauty lies in the struggle, is it possible we have one to many conviences? The problem is people don't keep these truths in front of their faces, in daily life, but to some extent we all know they are important. People constantly search for things to make them feel. Pallet Jacks Furniture is not about trend or fashion, we simply believe that we should aspire to leave a smaller ecological footprint, and that the things we possess in life should be things that make us feel something; things that no one else can posess because of its uniqueness and artistic authenicity. After all who wants to blend in.


                                                                             Join the movement. 

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"We believe in two things... sustainable resources, and beauty lying in imperfections, 

this is the product of those two beliefs colliding."   -Pallet Jacks Furniture

How We Began